Mamma Mia in the Netherlands

I love ABBA, do you? Well, I am an avid fan of ABBA, a music group from Sweden. They are no longer producing songs but musicals all over the world. How I wish the group will reunite again and start their concert.

Mamma Mia
The billboard of Mamma Mia in Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, Netherlands.

To tell you the truth, it was the first time that I was in a musical. I always wanted to go to Miss Saigon, Les Miserables and so on but going alone is not fun. Luckily my sister invited me to go with her to a Mamma Mia musical in Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Mamma Mia story is about the coming wedding of Sophie which is celebrated in the restaurant of Donna, her mother, on an island in Greece. Donna is very busy preparing the wedding with the help of her 2 friends. Meanwhile, Sophie has secretly invited the 3 ex-lovers of her mother. She hopes that one of these men is her father and can escort her on the aisle for her wedding. This is just a short summary. I assure you, you will enjoy watching this musical.

I think it was half an hour after I have taken my seat that I realized that the actors and actresses were talking and singing in the Dutch language. “Oh, wow!”, I said to myself. I could understand Dutch. Lol!

Mamma Mia and Me
I am too small to fit in the hole. Lol!

The musical was delivered successfully with almost all the songs of ABBA. From Honey, Honey, One of Us up to Dancing Queen.  It was about 2 hours with an interval for a break. It was an awesome show.

I have seen the movie of Mamma Mia with my friend when we were living in Ireland, a few years ago. It was a happy and funny movie as my friend and I were singing together with the movie. A happy movie with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan.

Anyway, are you planning to watch this musical? Don´t forget to eat first at home or wherever before attending the show. You might get hungry while watching.

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Traveling Keeps Me Away from My Blog

OMG! It has been a while since I was here on my site. I have difficulty in logging  in as I have forgotten my password but I was trying hard to remember it. I am glad I am back again. I miss reading here at WordPress.


Well, what have I done? My hubby and I flew to my home country Philippines and buried our loving dog Angus just a few hours after we arrived. He was so ill but he waited for us to say goodbye. It was very sad that it took me a few months to write anything. I might have not cried much but deep inside I was mourning  for Angus. He is resting in my tropical garden where I could see his grave and always put fresh flowers whenever the others wilted. Here is the story of my lovely pet Angus , our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog.

While I was grieving, I traveled to some parts of the Philippines and visited my best friend in her island for the first time, with buses and ferries. I think she has 9 golden retrievers. All are adorable.

Christmas and New Year 2019 came and I am still here waiting for the Winter to end in my adopted country Germany. Spring is coming and so do I.

It seems that the year 2019 is a traveling year for me again. I have been to Bohol with my Filipino relatives. It was fun traveling there, touring around my fathers ancestral island. Admiring the beauty of Chocolate Hills, Mag-Aso waterfalls, cruising the Loboc River and most of all, watching the cute primate Tarsier in Bohol. Here is the best tourist spots in Bohol. The photo of the Tarsier was taken by my niece Girlie Grace.


Mag-Aso Falls in Bohol, Philippines

You might think that I travel every day but it is not the case. Nope! Just every now and then when it suits my purse and when the urge to get away from the “normal” life strikes me. Life is too short. I am thankful to God for all the blessings I receive every day, the good health and the peaceful life.

Let us travel, no one knows what challenges we still have to encounter in our lives. Thanks for reading. God bless!

Guest Post: The Radio Is On

Hi fellow bloggers!

This is my second Guest post online. Lise is kind enough to publish this paranormal experience of mine in her site.

Believe it or not, I have experienced this at home in my home country. I couldn´t believe this myself the day I have experienced it. I am not a believer of paranormal things before until I experienced it. Well, this is my second time experiencing a weird ghost story. The first one I published in my main writing site HubPages.

Thanks for dropping by. Take care and God bless us all.

My German Apple Pancakes


It has been a while since I have made these pancakes. I think the last time I made them was when I was sharing my recipe on The Recipe Hunter site which is called Esme Salon now.

Sometimes, when I don’t know what to cook, I just check some of my writing sites or just go to my Pinterest account. Pinterest is a mouth-watering site. Every time I go there online, I fell hungry. Do you?

Pinterest is addictive to me that I don´t go there often. Those colorful photos shared by all enthusiastic chefs and hobby cooks and bakers like me. That site is not good for my diet;-) but still, I am visiting it.

Anyway, here I am to reblog my German Apple Pancake recipe. It was written last October 2017. Some of my friends were asking about this recipe that I reblog it here. Since Esme changed the name of her tried and tested recipe blog, I couldn´t find the reblog button. So, I just put the link on her. Feel free to visit her site. You will find more of the tried and tested recipes from all over the world.

Thanks Esme for sharing this in your site.


Please click to the link below to find the German Apple Pancake recipe. Feel free to share this to any of your social media sites. Thanks and God bless everyone! 

Travel List for Traveling to the Philippines as an Expat

It is time of the year when I think about traveling to my home country again. It is already warm here in Germany. The sun is shining and hot but the weather is still different although the temperature is almost 30 °C. Though the weather is not as moist as in the Philippines, the sun is definitely burning on my head. Sometimes, I wish I could use an umbrella but I can´t. I don´t like to be the center of attraction in the street when I hold an umbrella to protect my aging face and skin. Well, another country, another culture and tradition.

My German Passport
My German Passport

Here is my list for traveling to the Philippines as an Expat:

  1. Passport
  2. Ticket and other itineraries if I am flying to another island in the Philippines.
  3. A copy of a 1-year visa-free document from the Philippine Embassy website.
  4. Money / Peso, Debit and Credit cards
  5. Travel waist belt or money pouch for my valuables
  6. Photocopies of passport, ticket, birth certificate, marriage license and other documents.
  7. Vaccination booklet in case I need it.
  8. Travel insurance telephone number
  9. Travel journal and address notebook
  10. Medicines, first aid case with important paraphernalia.
  11. Sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, earplugs, sanitizer or wet wipes, toilet paper, napkin, etc.
  12. Comfortable clothes and shoes, a sweater for using in the freezing air-conditioned plane in the Philippines.
  13. Waterproof bag for traveling with electronic gadgets.
  14. Video camera, smartphone, tablet or Ipad, power bank, charger and extra SDcard or USB.
Journal and Contact Notebook
Journal and Contact Notebook

These are the things I need and I am sure, some of you need some of them as well when traveling to other countries.

  1. Passport- Be sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months while you are on your vacation in the Philippines.
  2. Ticket/s- Check your ticket if it is all okay and confirmed after you have booked your flight.
  3. Visa-free copy document you have copied from the Philippines Embassy website if in case you need it to show to the floor stewardess when check-in to your flight. Filipino expat like me who has a German passport is allowed to stay in the Philippines for a year without a visa. You just have to show your old Filipino passport or your birth certificate document that you were indeed born in our home country, Philippines. If your husband and children go with you at the same time, they are entitled to a 1-year visa, too.
  4. Money/Peso if it is possible, don´t change your foreign currency to pesos in the airport as it is noted that you get lesser amount exchange than in a bank. Sometimes, a money exchange center in a shopping mall like Shoemart (SM) has a high exchange rate.
  5. Travel waist belt or travel money pouch is good for keeping your valuable things like passport, money, credit cards, tickets under your clothes. Here is a link where you can hide your valuables while traveling.
Travel Pouch
Travel Pouch where you can hide your passport, money and other valuables under your shirt.

6. Photocopies of every document for a travel is a must just in case you need it.

7. Vaccination booklet- I always bring my vaccination booklet with me just in case I need it when going to a doctor which I hope I won´t be needing.

8. Travel insurance telephone number- This is what I have to remind myself to bring with me. It would come handy if in case we need an assistance from the insurance. I hope though that I won´t need it as well.

9. Travel journal and an address book. I have a habit of writing down the hours, miles and any happenings in my flight so a travel journal comes handy. I use this too for my contacts telephone numbers.

10. Medicines like paracetamol, Maalox for stomach trouble, something for diarrhea, ginger candies (it helps when having nausea on a flight), insect or mosquito repellent.

11. Sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, earplugs, sanitizer or wet wipes, deodorant, toilet paper, napkin, etc. Traveling in the sunny Philippines can cause you sunburn. You might not be able to sleep because of the noise of the environment you are in like the sound of the roosters “kikirike”. So you need earplugs. Sanitizer, wet wipes, deodorant, toilet paper, napkin are also needed for keeping ourselves clean while traveling. Other than sunscreen lotion, you can put them on your hand-carry bag while you are on your flight.

12. Comfortable clothes and shoes are a must on traveling. Wear light clothes, jeans or t-shirt and comfortable shoes for your travel. A sweater is a must as the plane is freezing cold because it is fully airconditioned. Some Philippines busses are air- conditioned too and so a jacket or a sweater will come handy on your travel.

13. Waterproof bag or a case- This is a useful bag or case to protect your camera and other electronic gadgets from getting wet when you are on the beach or when you are islands hopping.

14. Video camera, smartphone, tablet or Ipad, power bank, charger and extra SD card or USB. As a blogger/writer/traveler, I need these things for my travel not only in my home country Philippines but also to other countries I am traveling to.


Laswitan Falls, Surigao del Sur, Philippines
This is the Laswitan Falls in Surigao del Sur, Mindanao. One of the amazing nature of the  Philippines.

I am sure there are still many things I have to add to my list but all of the above mentioned are a must to me. Are you using some of these things? Thanks for reading!

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Photos of Kings´Day in Amsterdam 2018

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
This is the canal view of Amsterdam city in the Netherlands.

I know, Kings´Day is over in Amsterdam, The Netherlands but hey, there is a Kings´Day or Koningsdag (as what it is called in Holland) celebration every year. Kings´Day was formerly called Queens´Day before Queen Beatrix abdicated in favor of her son. The celebration was then on April 30 every year. It is now celebrated on April 27, the birthdate of King Willem-Alexander.

Here is a video I took of the Kings´Day. Enjoy!!!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
This is the view of the city of Amsterdam taken from the front of the Central Station.

Kings´Day/Koningsdag is a national holiday in The Netherlands. The city is vibrant with orange color decorations. Even the people are wearing orange t-shirts, hats, jackets, etc… The city is full of people from all over the world. Tourists from different countries come to experience the Kings´Day with food, parties and booze. Some local people escape from the celebration and fly to other European countries to have peace.

Well, I was one of the tourists exploring the city of Amsterdam during the Kings´ Day 2018. I was excited to be there and I expected that the streets would be full of funny and drunk people. There were indeed lots of people but not as much as what I have expected. Good for me. I was still able to stroll the city of Amsterdam without being suffocated by the smell of all those drunken men and women.

Here are some of the photos I took on Kings´Day 2018

Dutch men in their orange costume
Dutchmen in their orange costume.

Dutchmen in their orange costume performing their ritual celebration on Kings´ Day 2018 in front of the Central Station. I had no idea what the orange people were talking about. I only know that they were so happy celebrating that day.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise
Amsterdam Canal Cruise on Kings´ Day 2018.

I was once on this cruise ages ago and it was awesome touring the canals of Amsterdam. It was still in Guilder money and the price of this cruise was still cheap at that time compared to now. I have read that the ticket for a canal cruise was 11 Euro per person on that Kings´Day 2018.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise Boats
Amsterdam Canal Cruise Boats waiting for the tourists to come and enjoy the canal cruising.

Cheese, Cheese and Cheese!!!!

Dutch Flavoured Gouda Cheese
Dutch Flavoured Gouda Cheese photo was taken inside the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store.

I have been to Amsterdam many times before but I have not been in this cheese store yet until when I was strolling with my relatives on that Kings´Day celebration. I was amazed at the varieties of cheeses this store offered. I have not seen those cheeses at the supermarket in Holland and here in Germany (we have a lot of Dutch cheese in German supermarkets). Those cheeses were special variations and expensive as well. Well, I supposed those prices and variations of cheeses were designed for the tourists who loved to try Dutch cheese and brought those yummy cheeses with them in going back home.

Dutch Goat Blends
Dutch Goat Blends, some of those cheeses sold in the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store.

How I love this Dutch Goats Blends cheese! I have tried many kinds of cheese in this cheese store but this one, I had to bring back home with me to Germany. It was with truffle and I have not eaten truffle before. The taste was very delicious. It was expensive too but I thought, “what the heck, I am worth it;-)”.


Alive Statue in Amsterdam
Alive Statue on a bike in Amsterdam.

Have you seen this kind of statue? You thought it was just a statue but then realized it was not? This woman on a bike (or was it a man?) was really not moving. I wondered how he/she can do this position without moving. Awesome! Many tourists put money on a hat nearby as an appreciation of a thing well done.

Tulips Bulbs
Tulips Bulbs for sale on the sidewalk store of Amsterdam.

What is Holland without tulips? Well, those tulips bulbs for sale were expensive compared to what is sold in a normal supermarket or a flower shop. If you have a chance to buy the tulips bulbs in a store far from tourists, then you will have a cheaper one compared to a shop where the tourists are plenty. Here is a link to thousands of tulips in Keukenhof garden. This video was taken by me when I was in this amazing tulips garden park in the Netherlands a few years ago.

Amsterdam on Kings´ Day 2018
Amsterdam on Kings´ Day 2018. This was how full the city was in the early morning of that day.


Tricycle on Kings´Day
Tricycle on Kings´ Day.

It was operated for the people who were so tired of walking. I didn´t know if those tricycles I saw on that day in Amsterdam was for every day or it was only for special occasions like the Kings´Day.  I was really surprised as I have only seen public tricycles on the road in the Philippines or Thailand.

The Reichs Museum
Amsterdams park at the Reichs Museum.

The building in front of this park is the Reichs Museum where the paintings of Rembrandt like The Night Watch, are exhibited. This park at the museum was a parking place we used to park our car when we visited Amsterdam. This is one of the tourist spots where the visitors took their photos as souvenirs of their visits.

The Reichs Museum
The Reichs Museum and its beautiful park in The Netherlands.

What is The Netherlands aka Holland without its bicycles? I think there are more bicycles in Holland than cars as mostly, every member of the family has a bicycle. Cycling is one of Dutch favorite sports and hobbies. I love cycling in Holland when I visit my relatives and when the weather is nice for a ride. There are cyclists pathways and I love it. For me, there is no fear to ride a bike.

Bicycle parking place in Holland.
One of the bicycle parking places in Holland.

I hope you love the photos of my travel in Amsterdam. I have more of these photos but I will post more of them in my other blogs later. If you want to know what you can do when you visit Amsterdam, here is my link to my HubPages article of Amsterdam. Thank you very much for dropping by. Please, comment and share this with your social media sites if you think this article is worth sharing. Have a lovely day/ night wherever you are.

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How To Make A Toast Bread Tuna Pizza 


I almost forgot about this. I was checking my emails and have seen that my guest blog at #cookandenjoyrecipes was published yesterday. I was so busy that this most awaiting guest blog is now online. Btw, it is my first time that I participated in Guest blogging and so you can imagine how happy I am now.

Now you will know more about me and my passions. You can check on the bottom of this reblogged post the links where I am writing. Yes, they are so many and I try my best to maintain all those sites. Please feel free to share this blog with every social media sites you want to. Thanks to all of my readers.

Thank you Esme.


I am very sorry that I have to update this blog. It is because I lost my reblogged blog after I have changed the theme of my site. I have to put just the link to my Guest post at The Hunter Recipe here. Next time I have to think before I do anything spontaneous. Below is the link.

If you want to see more recipes from me, please check this blog #thellycucinainternational

Thank you very much!



I am so happy to introduce you to our next Guest here today, Thelma Alberts  She has a multitude of pages, see the end of this post where you can connect with her

Thelma Octoberfest

I was so surprised and happy when Esmé invited me to write a guest post to her The Recipe Hunter site. It was also a coincidence that at the same time she invited me, I was reading her blog about being a guest poster. I met her in The Recipe Hunter facebook group and since then I love interacting with the group. It took me a few weeks until I was ready to submit this guest blog of mine. Thank you for the invitation, Esmé  🙂 

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My Sombat Thai Massage and Wellness Salon Review


Good morning/evening/day everyone! It is a bright morning here where I am in Germany. It is said in the news that we have at least 25°Celsius today. It is about time that winter blues will pass away. Enough is enough.

Last weekend, I was traveling with a friend to have a massage in a new massage salon in the city, around 40 kilometers away from where we live. It is a new Thai massage salon of a former workmate. We were excited to see how the salon looked like and how the treatment would be.

My friend and I traveled by train and it was fun. It was like an outing for us. What a pity! The shopping malls were closed. We could have gone shopping after having a massage treatment or we could have shopped first and then the massage treatment. Shops are closed on Sundays in Germany unless there is a scheduled open Sunday in the city where the shops are open.


Sombat Thai Massage and Wellness salon is a wonderful and clean massage salon. We were entertained by the Thai owner and her daughter, who was our former workmate in a massage salon in our city. They showed us the treatment rooms, the toilets and the kitchen where they prepare their Thai food and cook water for making tea and serve this to their clients. The salon was well decorated as you can see it in the photos.

After drinking the hot yummy ginger tea, which was served to us and the wonderful talks with the owner and her daughter, we were given a massage which was a Thai oil massage treatment. I felt that I was working like a machine that Saturday before that treatment day and so my back was so sore and very tense. I was treated only for a back and shoulder massage as it was a must. The owner massaged me with her strong but soft hands. Acupressure, yoga stretching were done besides the effleurage massage techniques. Energy lines were treated as well.


My friend who traveled with me was still waiting for her masseuse. She helped the owner of the salon in massaging me until she was massaged, too. Instead of two hands, I had 4 hands giving massage to my back, neck, shoulder and arms. Wow! I have never had that before. I didn’t know which hands I had to concentrate on. All I know, they massaged my back like a piece of dough. It was wonderful. My sore back and shoulder turned into soft parts of my body. My back and shoulder pain was gone. I was revitalized. Sometimes, I wondered where the Thais got their strength in performing a Thai massage. After that massage treatment, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant nearby. After that, we traveled back home again with a train. It was a wonderful day indeed.


Btw, I am a wellness massage therapist and I am fond of going to a spa and a massage salon. Usually incognito😀

Thank you very much to Sombat Thai Massage and Wellness salon for the great massage treatment that I have received. I am sure I will come back again. This time after going shopping.

Thanks everyone for reading my blog. Please feel free to share this on any social media sites that you have. Have a beautiful day! Ciao!

Disclaimer: I am not paid whatsoever for writing this blog. I write a review about this salon as I am very contented with the treatment that I received. 

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Travel Philippines, My Home Country

Have you been to the Philippines? How did you like it?

The Philippines has ups and downs as well as some good and bad sides of a country. Well, each country has its own positive and negative sides and it is up to me or you how you see it. As what we have read or heard, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Don´t you agree with me?


Amazing view of the Britania Islets from the pier.

My home country has more than 7, 107 islands and the new counts said that now, the Philippines consists of 7,641 islands (Source: CNN Philippines). There are an additional of 500+ islands, mostly not on the map yet and not even a dozen of them I have been to. Shame on me;-(  I am already making a list where to go. One day at a time, one vacation at a time. Soon, I am there again, with my pockets will. With Gods blessings.


Britania Islets in Surigao del Sur, photo taken from the boat.

The Philippines is divided into 3  islands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Mindanao is the second largest island and which is located in the south. It is where I was born and lived a simple but a happy childhood life. I would love to visit at least 2 dozens of those islands and I have already started visiting some. I took a lot of photos and videos from my travel and it is a pity if those photos and videos are just hidden inside my drawer. So I am sharing these with you online on my Thellys Travel Videos & More channel.


Britania Island in Surigao del Sur

Here are some of the islands I have been to:

  1. Britania Islands in Surigao del Sur in Mindanao.
  2. Camiguin Island
  3. Cebu in the Visayas
  4. Puerto Princesa, Palawan


The photo above looks like a nostalgic painting of the past but it is just an old photo of White Sand Island in Camiguin Island taken during our family bonding in 90´s.


Me, exploring the island and taking photos and videos of the beauty around me. I still have more photos but you know that when I need some for my blogs, I can´t find them in one place. My thoughts are just an unorganized one like my ideas for being creative.

Thanks for reading my blog. Here is the link to my article about  Britania Island. I will add more photos as soon as I will find some of Cebu and Puerto Princesa Palawan.

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Thelma’s Mango Pomegranate Kaki Smoothie

Hello there! I am reblogging my Mango Pomegranate Kaki Smoothie recipe as I would love to make this again this Easter. I also want to share this with you here on my WordPress account.

I love making smoothies from different kinds of fruits. This is my one way of keeping healthy. Please feel free to check this recipe from The Recipe Hunter site. Maybe you can make this recipe this coming Easter celebration.


Mango Pomegranate Kaki Smoothie


Because I have changed the theme of my blog, I have lost what I have reblogged from The Recipe Hunter site. So I just put the link on here to my recipe. Thank you.

For more recipes, just check my #thellyscucinainternational site.


Mango Pomegranate Kaki SmoothieI had a lot of fruits in my fruit bowl in the living room. They were there for a few days as I had not eaten them. I thought, if I wouldn´t make something out of them they would be rotten. So, I made a smoothie and it was delicious. 

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