My Sombat Thai Massage and Wellness Salon Review


Good morning/evening/day everyone! It is a bright morning here where I am in Germany. It is said in the news that we have at least 25°Celsius today. It is about time that winter blues will pass away. Enough is enough.

Last weekend, I was traveling with a friend to have a massage in a new massage salon in the city, around 40 kilometers away from where we live. It is a new Thai massage salon of a former workmate. We were excited to see how the salon looked like and how the treatment would be.

My friend and I traveled by train and it was fun. It was like an outing for us. What a pity! The shopping malls were closed. We could have gone shopping after having a massage treatment or we could have shopped first and then the massage treatment. Shops are closed on Sundays in Germany unless there is a scheduled open Sunday in the city where the shops are open.


Sombat Thai Massage and Wellness salon is a wonderful and clean massage salon. We were entertained by the Thai owner and her daughter, who was our former workmate in a massage salon in our city. They showed us the treatment rooms, the toilets and the kitchen where they prepare their Thai food and cook water for making tea and serve this to their clients. The salon was well decorated as you can see it in the photos.

After drinking the hot yummy ginger tea, which was served to us and the wonderful talks with the owner and her daughter, we were given a massage which was a Thai oil massage treatment. I felt that I was working like a machine that Saturday before that treatment day and so my back was so sore and very tense. I was treated only for a back and shoulder massage as it was a must. The owner massaged me with her strong but soft hands. Acupressure, yoga stretching were done besides the effleurage massage techniques. Energy lines were treated as well.


My friend who traveled with me was still waiting for her masseuse. She helped the owner of the salon in massaging me until she was massaged, too. Instead of two hands, I had 4 hands giving massage to my back, neck, shoulder and arms. Wow! I have never had that before. I didn’t know which hands I had to concentrate on. All I know, they massaged my back like a piece of dough. It was wonderful. My sore back and shoulder turned into soft parts of my body. My back and shoulder pain was gone. I was revitalized. Sometimes, I wondered where the Thais got their strength in performing a Thai massage. After that massage treatment, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant nearby. After that, we traveled back home again with a train. It was a wonderful day indeed.


Btw, I am a wellness massage therapist and I am fond of going to a spa and a massage salon. Usually incognito😀

Thank you very much to Sombat Thai Massage and Wellness salon for the great massage treatment that I have received. I am sure I will come back again. This time after going shopping.

Thanks everyone for reading my blog. Please feel free to share this on any social media sites that you have. Have a beautiful day! Ciao!

Disclaimer: I am not paid whatsoever for writing this blog. I write a review about this salon as I am very contented with the treatment that I received. 

Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved by Thelma Alberts

20 thoughts on “My Sombat Thai Massage and Wellness Salon Review

    1. Yes, it was a great day thatblogwherecheriemovestogermany. You should try it. It´s wonderful especially if you have a sore back from a long time sitting while blogging 😉 Thanks for your comment. Have a lovely week.

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    1. I agree with you Marian. I got sorer back from bending over computers when blogging more than doing a massage for a client. I think doing Pilates poses is good for health. Thanks for your nice comment. Have a great week.


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