Travel List for Traveling to the Philippines as an Expat

It is time of the year when I think about traveling to my home country again. It is already warm here in Germany. The sun is shining and hot but the weather is still different although the temperature is almost 30 °C. Though the weather is not as moist as in the Philippines, the sun is definitely burning on my head. Sometimes, I wish I could use an umbrella but I can´t. I don´t like to be the center of attraction in the street when I hold an umbrella to protect my aging face and skin. Well, another country, another culture and tradition.

My German Passport
My German Passport

Here is my list for traveling to the Philippines as an Expat:

  1. Passport
  2. Ticket and other itineraries if I am flying to another island in the Philippines.
  3. A copy of a 1-year visa-free document from the Philippine Embassy website.
  4. Money / Peso, Debit and Credit cards
  5. Travel waist belt or money pouch for my valuables
  6. Photocopies of passport, ticket, birth certificate, marriage license and other documents.
  7. Vaccination booklet in case I need it.
  8. Travel insurance telephone number
  9. Travel journal and address notebook
  10. Medicines, first aid case with important paraphernalia.
  11. Sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, earplugs, sanitizer or wet wipes, toilet paper, napkin, etc.
  12. Comfortable clothes and shoes, a sweater for using in the freezing air-conditioned plane in the Philippines.
  13. Waterproof bag for traveling with electronic gadgets.
  14. Video camera, smartphone, tablet or Ipad, power bank, charger and extra SDcard or USB.
Journal and Contact Notebook
Journal and Contact Notebook

These are the things I need and I am sure, some of you need some of them as well when traveling to other countries.

  1. Passport- Be sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months while you are on your vacation in the Philippines.
  2. Ticket/s- Check your ticket if it is all okay and confirmed after you have booked your flight.
  3. Visa-free copy document you have copied from the Philippines Embassy website if in case you need it to show to the floor stewardess when check-in to your flight. Filipino expat like me who has a German passport is allowed to stay in the Philippines for a year without a visa. You just have to show your old Filipino passport or your birth certificate document that you were indeed born in our home country, Philippines. If your husband and children go with you at the same time, they are entitled to a 1-year visa, too.
  4. Money/Peso if it is possible, don´t change your foreign currency to pesos in the airport as it is noted that you get lesser amount exchange than in a bank. Sometimes, a money exchange center in a shopping mall like Shoemart (SM) has a high exchange rate.
  5. Travel waist belt or travel money pouch is good for keeping your valuable things like passport, money, credit cards, tickets under your clothes. Here is a link where you can hide your valuables while traveling.
Travel Pouch
Travel Pouch where you can hide your passport, money and other valuables under your shirt.

6. Photocopies of every document for a travel is a must just in case you need it.

7. Vaccination booklet- I always bring my vaccination booklet with me just in case I need it when going to a doctor which I hope I won´t be needing.

8. Travel insurance telephone number- This is what I have to remind myself to bring with me. It would come handy if in case we need an assistance from the insurance. I hope though that I won´t need it as well.

9. Travel journal and an address book. I have a habit of writing down the hours, miles and any happenings in my flight so a travel journal comes handy. I use this too for my contacts telephone numbers.

10. Medicines like paracetamol, Maalox for stomach trouble, something for diarrhea, ginger candies (it helps when having nausea on a flight), insect or mosquito repellent.

11. Sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, earplugs, sanitizer or wet wipes, deodorant, toilet paper, napkin, etc. Traveling in the sunny Philippines can cause you sunburn. You might not be able to sleep because of the noise of the environment you are in like the sound of the roosters “kikirike”. So you need earplugs. Sanitizer, wet wipes, deodorant, toilet paper, napkin are also needed for keeping ourselves clean while traveling. Other than sunscreen lotion, you can put them on your hand-carry bag while you are on your flight.

12. Comfortable clothes and shoes are a must on traveling. Wear light clothes, jeans or t-shirt and comfortable shoes for your travel. A sweater is a must as the plane is freezing cold because it is fully airconditioned. Some Philippines busses are air- conditioned too and so a jacket or a sweater will come handy on your travel.

13. Waterproof bag or a case- This is a useful bag or case to protect your camera and other electronic gadgets from getting wet when you are on the beach or when you are islands hopping.

14. Video camera, smartphone, tablet or Ipad, power bank, charger and extra SD card or USB. As a blogger/writer/traveler, I need these things for my travel not only in my home country Philippines but also to other countries I am traveling to.


Laswitan Falls, Surigao del Sur, Philippines
This is the Laswitan Falls in Surigao del Sur, Mindanao. One of the amazing nature of the  Philippines.

I am sure there are still many things I have to add to my list but all of the above mentioned are a must to me. Are you using some of these things? Thanks for reading!

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    1. Yes, indeed, fancypaperblog. That is why this list was a long time ago written in my journal, only now written online. I had to make this list so I would not forget as I am a frequent traveler. Thanks for your dropping by. Have a lovely week!

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